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Long Island Advertising Trends

So , you’re wondering what the sharp cutting edge advertising trick is for 2012?  The ideas that will jump start your slumping leads and give your bottom line a boost?  Well, get ready for things you may already know, and things that may surprise you. 1. Yes, the Internet is here to stay – but […]

Of Course Radio Production Is Free

just let us design and place the perfect media schedule for your budget and the radio production is absolutely free. with our state of the art media buying formulas you are well on your way to a solid return on your investment. but the news gets even better. our award winning radio production department is […]

January is the best time to buy radio spots on Long Island

Believe it or not, now is the best time to buy radio spots on Long Island.  Here’s why.  Radio stations have a lot of extra inventory, yet the listening audience is virtually unchanged.  You get to reach more people for less money.  It’s a great time to see if radio advertising can work for your […]

Long Island Advertising Agency

How do you choose a Long Island advertising agency? We believe you look at things beside the big glass building they operate out of.  We believe a great Long Island advertising agency understands the local marketplace and the media available to make your campaign a success. That’s why at Indigo Business Solutions we consider ourselves […]

The Effectiveness of Radio Advertising on Long Island

I am often asked about the effectiveness of radio advertising on Long Island.  Without fail I reply that the definition of effective advertising is radio! I speak from experience.I have personally used dozens of different advertising vehicles in my 20 year career.  I have bought advertising on television, major newspapers, local newspapers, pennysaver shoppers, direct […]

Advertising On Long Island

Advertising on Long Island can be tricky.  Long Island offers advertising choices beyond the typical major medias of newspaper, radio, and television. So how does a business owner navigate through the treacherous waters of savvy salespeople and so many options? Simple.  Just ask for our free guide to Advertising on Long Island courtesy of Indigo […]

Who Is The #1 Radio Station on Long Island?

Who is the #1 radio station on Long Island? Which radio station do you think it is? Is it WALK/97.5FM, WBLI/106.1FM, WBAB/102.3FM, WKJY/98.3FM, WBZO/103.1FM? Or, could it be a slew of other radio stations that service the Long Island marketplace? The answer may surprise you. The fact of the matter is, all of these radio […]

How Much Does Radio Advertising Cost on Long Island?

How Much Does Radio Advertising Cost on Long Island?  Radio advertising costs on Long Island vary greatly.  Typically the larger radio stations cost $200-$400 per :60 second radio commercial during prime time hours.  Second tier radio stations will ask for $100-$200 per :60 second commercial, and third tier radio stations will sell anywhere from $25-$100 […]

Radio Advertising On Long Island

If you ran a proper radio schedule and told the audience that every car on your lot was “Free now through Friday”, you’d be out of business on Thursday morning.