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Advertising on Long Island, NY is complicated

It has baffled many smart business owners. With so many media options to choose from. So what do you do? Val Pak? Pennysaver? Mint magazine? Home and Living? WALK/97.FM? WBLI/106.1FM? WBAB 102.3FM? With so many choices it can get confusing! Each media representative seems to make a strong case, so you go with your instincts […]

Advertising Agency, Long Island, NY

Indigo Business Solutions Is Ideally Suited To Help Businesses For: Advertising in Suffolk County, NY, Advertising in Nassau County, NY, Advertising Long Island, NY, Advertise on Radio Long Island, Advertise in Newsday, Advertise on News 12, Advertise on cablevision, Advertise on TV55, Advertise on WALK/97.5FM, Advertise on WBLI/1061.FM, Advertise on WBAB/102.3FM, Advertise on WBZO/103.1FM “B-103”, […]

Advertise without lowering your price

Here is something we have plenty of experience with. How many times have you seen your competitor pay thousands of dollars to advertise in Newsday or some other Long Island media and then offer a coupon or discount as well?

They are literally paying twice for the same customer. Once to advertise and to get them in the door and again to the customer to close the deal. This forces your profit margin down and is an unsustainable way to do business. It will catch up to you.

Unless you are selling a commodity, don’t treat your business like you are! If you are selling a commodity, find a way to make it stand out from the crowd so you can get more money for your product or service.

I am thinking of three clients we work with at Indigo Business Solutions that do not lower their prices. They keep them at an appropriate margin while their competitors lower their prices. When we advertise we promote what makes our product better. We spend time teaching why we are more expensive and others are less expensive.

We then train the sales team to present why our client’s product is better, and we develop a sales presentation that differentiates our client from the lower priced competitor.

Over time this combination generates qualified leads and happy customers. But ultimately, it protects your brand from being another discounter and it increases your profits – the reason you are in business in the first place!