Monthly Archives: February 2015

Radio Long Island

For business owners on Long Island, Radio advertising is one of the key components to marketing your business.  So what are your choices, and which station give your the best bang for your buck?  Before we begin, please note that Indigo Business Solutions is not affiliated with any radio station.  We are an independent company […]

Catalog Costs Long Island

Printing a catalog for your business can be a time consuming and costly project.  That’s why Indigo Business Solutions offers Catalogs for Long Island businesses that are affordable and professional.  If you’re a business owner on Long Island, and you are interested in Catalog Costs – give Indigo Business Solutions a call today.  We are […]

Trifold Costs Long Island

As a business owner you always want to present your business to your customer in a professional manner. Trifold brochures are one way businesses promote their products or services. At Indigo Business Solutions, we create trifold brochure for Long Island businesses that are both professional and affordable. If you’re looking for Trifold Costs Long Island, […]

Print Costs Long Island

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking for Print Costs Long Island, consider contacting Indigo Business Solutions. At Indigo, we are experts in getting the lowest possible prices for Print. We are located right here on Long Island and we work with printers around the country and even around the world to get you […]

Search Engine Optimization Long Island

In today’s marketplace the customer is finding businesses in many different ways. In the past, a simple newspaper advertisement would bring hundreds of people to your door. That is not the case today. Now it’s all about internet marketing. Smartphones have replaced newsprint and more and more people are finding places to visit by going […]