About Us

In February of 2006, Indigo was born. Back then we were named Indigo Advertising and Marketing. We set out to help the owners of small to mid-sized companies with their advertising and marketing. When we began over 90% of our clients would have never been approached by major advertising agencies because their ad budgets were too small.  Over time we realized that these business owners needed more than a good ad campaign, what they really needed was a way to make more sales. In 2012 we renamed the company Indigo Business Solutions and put our focus on increasing revenues for these business owners.  We developed a partnership with each of our clients in an effort to dramatically increase their sales, and we did not limit ourselves to what we would do to help them be successful, whatever it takes to increase sales is what we vowed we’d do.

Today Indigo Business Solutions helps our clients with almost every aspect of their businesses. We have remained true to our core beliefs of personal weekly meetings with each owner, super servicing of each account, and creative business solutions that are designed to solve problems and increase sales.

Through the last eight years we have held to our founding belief that small to mid-sized business owners, the very same businesses 90% of advertising agencies still avoid, are the clients we love best. Thanks to our stable of clients we have become accustomed to working with limited advertising budgets and limited human resources, and year after year our average client gains 25-40% annually in revenue.

After learning to help our clients grow, Indigo Business Solutions is ready to grow as well. In 2014 we launched a series of advertisements to attract new small to mid-sized business owners to the Indigo family. As more businesses are being helped we look to add highly talented and service focused professionals to our grade A team.

If you are a business owner who has found our home page, we invite you to listen to what some of our clients have to say by clicking on the video above. We also invite you to consider allowing us to be a part of your team by contacting us. We look forward to meeting you and showing you why businesses grow with Indigo.  Click here for our introductory offer.