Search Engine Optimization Long IslandSEO is a vital aspect of any business looking to improve online visibility in 2020. This area is very dynamic, and things that were relevant for a campaign a few months ago might not be useful now. This is in light of the constant changes to the Google algorithm that aim to improve the quality and relevance of results people get when searching on the engines. If you are designing an SEO campaign in 2020, it is essential to look at what is trending rather than sticking to the old and cliché SEO tips. Read on and find out more;

The New Domain Authority

Back then, domain authority was primarily defined by the quality and quantity of backlinks one had. Now, Google has become more intelligent, and it looks at your expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness. These three things are what define the new domain authority. Author reputation is becoming more critical as well as the relevance of the content linked to your pages.

Visual Search

Visual search has not yet become mainstream, but it will be a game-changer in SEO. It is poised to take off in 2020. Google lens has already been used successfully many times, and it works well. The numbers are taking off, and people will start looking for directions, shopping, and commodities using visual search. If you are designing your 2020 SEO campaign, ensure that you begin incorporating visual content on your pages to allow you to leverage the power of visual search.

Video is Becoming Prominent

Videos are becoming more integral to Search Engine Optimization Long Island than ever, and you need to optimize your video content thoroughly. When posting videos, ensure that you organize it well to allow the search crawlers to understand the content in the video well. Optimize your videos using a title, description, and tags for better rankings. Lastly, give a transcript of the videos you post to improve the chances of Google and YouTube understanding what your videos are all about.

Understand Search Intent Better

Search intent was the focus of SEO in 2019. This is because the Google search algorithm is trying to understand what people want when they type in specific search queries in a bid to give them what they need. Content that is not aligned to search intent cannot rank in 2020. Gone are the days where keyword matches will get you ranked as the search engines try to get the intent behind particular search queries. In some cases, the intent is right in the keyword, but it is not always that obvious. If you have content on your site, re-optimize it for search intent and not just keyword matches.

Some of the critical aspects to look out for when dealing with your Search Engine Optimization Long Island have been mentioned. You will do better with the help of an SEO expert who understands all these changes better and can help you boost your rankings. If you are looking for one on Long Island or New York, contact Indigo Business Solutions for a Free Search Engine Optimization evaluation and let us show you how we can help your business outrank the competition.

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