Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key factor to any marketing strategy. Having a beautiful, responsive, ADA compliant website is very important, but serves as nothing more than a digital portfolio if potential customers cannot find you in relevant searches on Google, Bing, etc. Unfortunately, too many business owners are told that a new website will change their business. While this is an important step in the process, leads and customers start coming in once you are ranking on critical searches within your industry.

You may have stumbled across our website by searching for SEO Companies Long Island. Everyone wants to be on page 1, and unfortunately there are no shortcuts. SEO is a long-term game and we’ve been helping businesses on Long Island achieve success for almost a decade. There is an extensive list of all elements pertaining to SEO, but it is important that ALL areas of your marketing consider your Search Engine Optimization. Too many businesses, and agencies look at SEO as another tool in the tool belt, another app on the phone. It is so much more, and it is vital that you stop looking at SEO like an app, and start using it as your operating system. All avenues of your digital marketing must be considering the impacts, positive or negative, to your Search Engine Optimization.

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At Indigo, we offer a 100% free digital marketing analysis. We will show you where you are currently ranking on keywords that your website is targeting, based on the content of your site. You will then be connected to one of our Digital Marketing Advisors who will dissect the analysis, and work to get you better results, for equal or less than your current marketing budget, including our fees. No risk. No joke.

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