Video Production Nassau CountyContent creation has been vital to companies ever since online operations came to the fore. Blog posts, newsletters and even ebooks have long dictated company success. As well as keeping your brand in customer minds, these efforts go a considerable way towards boosting search engine optimization (SEO).

Sadly, it seems that even a weekly blog post isn’t enough to cover modern content needs for good. Consumers now have an average attention span of around eight seconds. That’s a significant decrease from the 12 seconds reported in 2000.

You need to consider how your content fits with this development. Long blog posts may be fantastic for in-depth topics, but few modern consumers will read a long page of text despite bullet points and headings.

Instead, they’re more liable to click away to content which is easier to consume in bitesize chunks, and video often satisfies that requirement.

Why video production matters for your company

Video marketing methods like television advertisements have been around longer than blog posts and newsletters. Now, though, we’re seeing a video comeback. Many companies are starting to upload regular video content to social media or web pages to catch the attention of scrolling consumers. Some companies are even find weekly YouTube uploads useful for creating leads.

In short; video production matters if you want to appeal to a modern and time-pushed audience. When you implement this method into your business presence, you provide the information consumers need without asking anything of them in return. That can lead to improved SEO rankings and conversions you can be proud of.

The types of video most commonly used

As mentioned, videos on various platforms can work wonders. But, that doesn’t exactly help you to understand what you should be filming. In reality, there’s a wide range of video content to choose from, and each provides very different outcomes. Bear in mind that video marketing often acts as a funnel, so each of these production options can be beneficial depending on where in the customer journey they appear. Some standard options to consider include:

Brand films
Educational videos
Video emails
Company culture videos
Reviews (including influencer collaborations)

Indigo Business Solutions for video production Nassau County

Unlike methods such as blog content, which you can create yourself, video production requires specialist skills and equipment. To produce high-quality video content, you need top quality cameras, professional editing equipment, and the know-how to use them. If you aren’t careful, then, video production can be a time-consuming form of content creation.

That’s where we at Indigo business solutions come in. We have all the know-how to meet with your video production needs in Nassau County. With experience working on both T.V. and marketing video content, we can take care of the complicated stuff so that you don’t have to.

All you need to do is share your vision by calling us on (631) 630-9845 today. We’ll then do what we do best behind the camera, freeing you to focus on your company upfront.