Website Design Suffolk CountyAny business owner operating right now understands the need for a strong and consistent web presence. This is, after all, where most consumers will look before even considering a visit to your physical store. We live in an age where around 60% of US millennials conduct most of their purchases online, and that number is only set to rise. The trend of online sales is such that some e-commerce companies don’t even consider physical sales at all!

The chances are, then, that you’ve already bought a domain and developed some semblance of a webpage. While you may assume that merely ticking the website box will be enough, though, design mistakes could keep consumers from considering you. And, when your competitors are pulling astounding online efforts out of the bag, that could soon lead to your downfall.

The trouble is that you’re an entrepreneur, not a web designer, and your knowledge in this area may be lacking. That’s why you could benefit from reaching out to Indigo Business Solutions. We have extensive experience in website design Suffolk County, and we can guarantee that your site design doesn’t let you down ever again.

First, though, you might want to delve a little further into what website design looks like when done well, and why it matters so much.

What counts as a successful website design?

To reach the broadest online audience, you first need to know what counts as a successful website design. The good news is that this isn’t as complicated as you might think. In reality, there are some pretty simple pointers as to what counts as a ‘successful’ website design, and they include:

A clutter free website
A page which reflects your brand
Easy to read and access content
Pictures and subheadings
Mobile friendly designs

Why does design matter so much?

There are a few valid reasons as to why website design deserves your time, budget, and focus. For one, getting this right ensures customers stay on your page and ultimately buy from you. That can lead to ongoing relationships and significant profit increases. If consumers are faced with a confused or poorly designed page, there’s a much higher chance they’ll bounce, and that will leave you without anything to show for your efforts.

From a more numbers-centric angle, website design also makes a great deal of difference to search engine optimization (SEO). This is the ranking search engines like Google give your page, and it can have a significant impact on traffic. A poorly designed page fails to meet the grade for two main reasons. For one, sites with high bounce rates automatically slip lower down those results. Google and other search engines also favor sites which make good use of pictures and relevance, both of which are easier to achieve after a design revamp.

As you can see, website design is vital for appealing to a modern audience. Let our website design Suffolk County take your business up a gear by contacting us on (631) 630-9845 today.